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About us

Pragmatic Practice, Inc is a privately held corporation founded in 2009 and based in Chicago, IL. provides web based billing and claim software for individuals to assist in invoicing clients and the medical insurance claims process.

From the Founder:

I created Pragmatic Practice when I saw the frustration independent practitioners faced with their billing. Using is easy and inexpensive because the insurance claim and reimbursement process is difficult enough without the additional hurdles of cumbersome and expensive software.

I know many professionals who have resorted to improvising their methods of billing clients. These non-standard processes inevitably lead to billing procrastination. I set out to create a simple system to help you get your insurance claims payed faster.

Pragmatic Practice will help you get your claims and billing done easier and faster so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Sign up today and start saving time with our easy insurance claim and invoicing web site. We are working on adding new features like web-based claim submittal and payment tracking.

Take the time to spread the word to your colleagues about Pragmatic Practice and you will receive credit towards your future use of our service.*

If you have any suggestions on how we can do a better job or if you have any other questions please contact me at


Killian Tobin

* As a special thank you for a succesful referral I will provide you with a free month of our service. Simply email a friend who you think suffers from billing procrastination and cc: After they begin using the site and create some claims we will credit your account. Please no bulk emails or any of that monkey business (free months only apply to future usage).