Create Insurance Claims and Bills in Minutes

  • Enter your practice and client information on our secure servers
  • Easily add each visit
  • Select the visits to create a claim or invoice
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We took the confusing process of medical billing and made it so easy you won't believe it. In just a few minutes you will have a printed CMS 1500 form ready to mail off.

How does it work?

Pragmatic Practice will save your client data on our secure servers. Simply enter the visits and select the visits you would like to bill and you will have a clear and legible CMS 1500 form ready for submittal. There is no software to install and no training necessary to use We use the same encryption technologies as online banking to keep your client data safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

Nothing to Install, no Set Up Costs

Get started with a fully functional Trial for up to 3 Clients...

Customize your Visit Charges

Default charges for each type of visit. Adjust your charges per visit...

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Daily backups on our private servers means you can keep your data...

Low Monthly Pricing

Per client pricing allows your billing system to grow with your practice...

Easily Create Insurance Claim Forms and Invoices

Enter client information once. Create invoices and CMS-1500 forms. Includes support for CPT and Diagnosis Codes...